EZ Greazy was formulated with your cakes in mind. Properly preparing pans for baking cakes can be tedious, difficult, and ultimately, frustrating when not done correctly. EZ Greazy founder, Barbara Lewis, developed the product having spent years making cakes for her family and friends. She quickly came to find that the pan preparation was her least favorite part of the process, so work began on creating a product that not only worked, but was easy to use and easy to store.

The first product of its kind, EZ Greazy is applied with a paper towel or pastry brush so you can be sure it’ll only go where you need it, unlike spray bottles with chemicals that may be harmful. You want to spend your time making beautiful cakes, not wasting precious moments prepping your pans before baking, or worse - rebaking cakes that come out of the oven stuck to the pan.

EZ Greazy solves the problem of pan prep once and for all with a chemical-free, EZ-to-use product for all your cake baking needs!

I used your EzGreazy on my brownies Monday, and it worked great! I love it! I can’t wait to use it on all of my Thanksgiving baking/cooking next week! When it runs out, I will definitely be buying some more from you! Thank you!
— Angela Gayden

About Barbara Lewis


Barbara has been a registered nurse since 1980 and a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist since 1984. She took a cake decorating course locally in order to make birthday cakes for her daughters when they were younger. This grew into a hobby business as she brought “practice cakes” to work and began to make cakes for family, friends, and coworkers. At first, Barbara planned on trying to turn cake baking into a small business as retirement neared, however, after attending Business Boutique in Nashville in fall of 2017 she was inspired to do something else. Through the years of baking cakes, Barbara developed a product to make cake pan prep easier for herself, and she knew it would help others as well. EZ Greazy was born!

Barbara has been married to Tom, a minister, for 19 years and their daughters are now 17 and preparing for college.